Francisco is the sly, charming partner of Curio, the brother of Cordelia, and an avid member of the small
rebellion against the Montagues. While the older Conrad is the leader of the group, Francisco seemes to be 'second in command'. Francisco is a talented swordsman, and his calm disposition, even in the heat of battle, makes him a reliable asset. He, like Curio, is devoted to Juliet, but unlike his partner, Francisco is very open and sympathetic towards her. He also, like Curio, is in love with Juliet.



Francisco's charming side

Francisco is charming, witty, and an all-round ladies' man. He blends easily into the crowd, and knows the right people to get him the information he needs.




  • Francisco is often seen reading a book. It is suspected that it is a book of the real Romeo and Juliet, as it has been seen to have initials R and J visible.

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