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Hermione de Borromeo is a character in Romeo x Juliet who was engaged to be married to Romeo by Lord Montague. Unlike Romeo, who wasn't interested in marrying at the time, Hermione was in love with him, and took to the idea right away.

Hermione gets along quite well with both Romeo and his friend Mercutio.


She is very sweet and innocent, but obsessed with Romeo and tried to keep Juliet as far away from him as she could. In the end, she accepts the fact that Romeo does not love her and wishes him well with Juliet, as she said; "Lord Romeo, are you happy, together with Juliet? I will also find happiness. I know I will, someday..."

Growing up sheltered in Nobility made Hermione completely oblivious to the dark situation in Neo Verona, and she knew next to nothing of how to do things for herself.